Inspiring Hearts and Minds through proper dance education

Why Studio A?


Studio A is a wonderful environment for students of all ages to grow, learn, and physically enhance skills for their life! Students will benefit greatly with more confidence, passion, drive, energy, and self-awareness for the rest of their life because of what is taught through dance at Studio A.

SADC is a unique conservatory in which all students are A TEAM. The highest education should be expected and the greatest self-achieving award should be the result at the end of the student’s time. Students are taught to go beyond their comfort zones to reach and to discover all that their minds and bodies can do through movement, and through performance skills. Every student will be pushed at their level! Students will come away with self-confidence, discipline, motivation, and the knowledge that someone believes in them. They will gain the drive that establishes inner balance to push themselves be their individual best on and off the dance floor!


Studio A believes if you dream it you will achieve it. Only through hard work and determination can any one person dance and dance well. Success is gained through personal growth and goal setting. Students are asked to set goals for the year and set their personal standards high. Students will feel achievement and success at a young age, in turn believing in themselves for the rest of their life that THEY CAN MAKE SOMETHING HAPPEN if they so choose. Students, no matter the age, are ABLE, and will be taught correct dance education in a fun, safe, and structured environment.

Dance is truly a Work of HeArt, which is the foundation of their education and curriculum. We offer so many fun events, performances and TEAM building activities that growing minds and bodies need in today’s world! As parents you are wanting the best for your child. The best is Studio A. SADC is a place where your child will build lasting relationships in a safe, trusted, and educational environment, while learning a skill that they can use the rest of their life!

Studio A is a not just a studio where students learn dance. Students also develop their character and learn to set and achieve goals.